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OMNIvore: The Art of Omni Magazine

Omni was “a magazine about the future” published between 1978 and 1995. It influenced a generation of sci-fi fans, future scientists and engineers, and continues to inspire me. What stood out most on the covers and pages of Omni was the artwork. Artist Robert Venosa, one of the many artists whose work was featured in Omni, says:

“OMNI was the first to give the artist equal credit with the author…something that to this day is still not seen in any other newsstand magazine. OMNI also put Fantastic Realism, Surrealism, Visionary, and every other type of ‘Fantasy’ art, square into the public’s eye. I and my colleagues owe OMNI a large measure of gratitude for its uncompromising stance and visionary concepts.”

This gallery is for the insatiable consumer of everything Omni. Enjoy!


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