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Project Kronos

Project Kronos, set in the not too distant future, is a mission to achieve interstellar space travel. According to Short of the Week, this sci fi short, written and directed by Hasraf ‘HaZ’ Dulull, was…

Conceived in a faux-documentary style, not unlike a touchstone of short sci-fi, Alive in Joburg, the film begins with a series of title cards that consolidate the American progress of space travel. Here, Project Kronos is defined. Twenty two years from now, humanity has achieved a version of manned space travel that is resistant to the biological constraints of the human body. The film focuses on a series of scientists discussing their thought process in creating and launching Project Kronos.

And as you’ll see, the mission takes an unexpected turn.

[Hasraf HaZ Dulull/Vimeo]

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