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Upgrade Your Star Trek Tricorder Toy

Do you own a Star Trek:TNG tricorder Playmate toy from the 1990s? Have you ever thought of upgrading it? That’s what tech-savvy Trekkie Nick Acosta did with his:

Some were so excited about Nick’s upgrade, they wanted him to work his tech wizardry on their toy:

“ooh i still have my toy…. i need to find someone to make this for me lol”

“That’s cool….can he do mine that way as well….lol. I still have one…..shhhhhh!”

“I want this so badly!!! *throws money at screen*”

Here’s a sampling of some of the graphics Nick used in his tricorder project:

While everyone’s impressed with Nick’s fun upgrade, some long to see other Star Trek tech¬†made a reality:

“Sure, but let’s see him make a working replicator!”

“All I want is a working Holodeck.”

“Ahh…a working replicator would change world history.”

Personally, I hope Nick’s next project is a real transporter. Planes are so twentieth century.


HT: The Nerdist


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