Texting an Astronaut | Virtual Reality Games


Lifeline is a text game without one single graphic. According to Boing Boing, the idea behind the mobile game is that it:

makes you the sole point of contact for the survivor of a spaceship crashed on a distant moon. The first time you hear from Taylor, a frightened young student who just emerged from an escape pod in an alien desert, the situation is dire. There’s no food, no water, no way off the surface, and only one person in range to talk to: you.


Lost Cities

Developer Campfire Union is creating a virtual version of the strategic board game Lost Cities. According to chief innovation officer Lesley Klassen:

You get to be in the expedition. But you still have the joy and the fun with the mechanics of the game. We saw that element of adventure as a big plus, a fun way to extend the board game beyond the kitchen table.


Virtual Reality Arcades

A company called The Void wants to open fully immersive virtual reality arcades all around the world. Check out the video of their project: THE VOID


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