#GirlsWithToys is one of the coolest hashtags I’ve seen on Twitter. It’s in response to the comment made by Caltech astophysicist Shrinivas Kulkarni during an NPR interview that “Many scientists, I think, secretly are what I call ‘boys with toys.'” This made anthropologist Kate Clancy a little angry, and she decided to do something about it:

“So Saturday morning, on a whim rather than out of any particularly calculated decision, I started riffling through my phone’s photo gallery, looking for pictures of my daughter or the students in my laboratory (all of whom are female) doing science. I found a few and posted them with the hashtag #girlswithtoys. Soon after, scientists on Twitter started sharing their own images of girls and women with toys, most of them far cooler toys than I’ll ever get to use in my research.”

Here’s just a small sampling of those images:


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