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The ‘Janus’ Archive

Janus was a science fiction fanzine published during the mid-1970s. Created by Janice Bogstad, it focused primarily on feminist science fiction, and was one of the most prominent fanzines during that time. Jeanne Gomoll, founding member of the feminist sci-fi convention WisCon, joined Bogstad as co-editor, focusing on graphics which lead to her being nominated for two “Best Fan Artist” Hugos in 1978 and 1980. Janus was nominated for three “Best Fanzine” Hugos in 1978, 1979 and 1980.

The Society for the Furtherance & Study of Fantasy & Science Fiction (SF3) archives the entire run of Janus on their site.

The highlight of the first issue is “S.F. as Science & Fiction” written by Bogstad. She recounts how Janus grew out of their regular science fiction club meetings and how the name came to be adopted:

Janus 01, Vol 1, No 1 Table of Contents
Starting on page 9 of issue 2 is an incredibly funny letter written by Harlan Ellison to the editors regarding their publication. Another highlight is “Ray Bradbury’s Salute to Life” (pg. 24), which talks about the author’s optimistic outlook on life and how it influenced his writings: Janus 02, Vol 1, No 2 Table of Contents

By issue 9, Janus had more columns, better graphics and a nicer layout. It was also the year Star Wars debuted (read “This is the last Star Wars Review” on pg. 17 and “The Star Wars Phenomenon: What Will It Mean?” on page 19):
Janus 09, Vol 3, No 3 Table of Contents

Although Jan and Jean suspended their partnership in 1979, SF3 continued publishing Janus, changing its name to Aurora. Here is the full archive of Janus/Aurora.


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