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The Dune Universe is Still Inspiring Artists

I love Frank Herbert’s Dune, a universe filled with imposing characters, ancient religions, futuristic technology, and landscapes of harsh beauty. Herbert described the Dune universe in such incredible depth and detail, that you could visualize it in your mind. I’m always fascinated by different artists’ perspectives of his work. Here are just a few:

The Landscape

The desert planet Arrakis, Dune, with the ever-present sandworms, or Shai-Hulud.


Speed painting+photoshop DUNE-SIETCH

Dune (with video)

Dune by Frank Herbert

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Charcoal Dune Cover

Cover to Cover assignment. We could do any book we wanted. My friend Rory and I both did Dune by Frank Herbert. Neither of us were very satisfied with our versions. I got two completely different c…


Alia Atreides

Alia, daughter of Duke Leto Atreides and Lady Jessica, his Bene Gesserit concubine; younger sister of Paul Atreides; granddaughter of Baron Vladimir Harkonnen. Also known as: an abomination (by the Bene Gesserit), St. Alia of the Knife (by her followers), and Coan-Teen, or “the female death spirit who walks without feet” (by the Fremen).

Alia Waits…

Read “Dune” by Frank Herbert. The prisoner Alia awaits her brother’s arrival. Alia Waits…

Alia Waits… by strib on DeviantArt

Alia – Children of Dune

Alia Atreides, Paul's younger sister Alia – Children of Dune

Alia – Children of Dune by Ketka on DeviantArt

God Emperor of Dune

Leto II, son of Paul Atreides and Fremen Chani, transforming himself into a sandworm.

God Emperor of Dune

personal project and obsession; illustrating Fank Herbert’s Dune. Here is God Emperor of Dune. God Emperor of Dune

God Emperor of Dune by draldede on DeviantArt

Meeting the Emperor

So, as some of you may know, I’m a huge Dune fan. I’ve been working diligently at improving my style, especially in regards to color, perspective and narrative. I thought I should practice on somet…

Meeting the Emperor by NicholasKay on DeviantArt

Holtzman Shield

In Terminology of the Imperium, the glossary of the novel Dune, the Holtzman Shield is defined as:

the protective field produced by a Holtzman generator. This field derives from Phase One of the suspensor-nullification effect. A shield will permit entry only to objects moving at slow speeds (depending on setting, this speed ranges from six to nine centimeters per second) and can be shorted out only by a shire-sized electric field.

DUNE: The Holtzman shield

The Holtzman field is a technology from the science fiction novel “Dune”, written in 1965, by Frank Herbert. My “DUNE SERIE” (Internal link): newatlas7…. DUNE: The Holtzman shield

DUNE: The Holtzman shield by NEWATLAS7 on DeviantArt

Bene Tleilaxu

The Tleilaxu, a secret theocratic society, used their bland appearance to trick others into underestimating them. But they are masters of genetic manipulation, peddlers of artificial eyes, gholas, and “twisted” Mentats, and ultimately seek domination of the known Dune universe.

Secrets of the Tleilaxu

A newer version of:… I improved the face, changed the layout and added new stuff and details. This is fan art of the Dune books by Frank Herbert.

Secrets of the Tleilaxu by alienorb on DeviantArt

Featured Image: Murbella by Frank Schwarz. Publised under the CC BY-SA 3.0 license.


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