In addition to sporting some spacey moon boot sneakers, Buzz Aldrin has been all over the news in commemoration of the Apollo 11 moon landing. Here are some of my favorite stories:

Let’s Go to Mars

Buzz Aldrin: It’s Time to Put a Man on Mars

Meeting All the Presidents Since 1969

Buzz Aldrin: Our Crew Has Met With Every President Since 1969

The First “Space Selfie”

Buzz Aldrin: Second Man on the Moon, But First to Take a Space Selfie

The Moon Communion That Never Was

NASA Didn’t Want To Broadcast Buzz Aldrin’s Lunar Communion

One Giant Slap for Mankind?

Celebrate Apollo 11 history by watching Buzz Aldrin punch this jerk in the face

See more of Buzz Aldrin at WhoSay.

[Video via CNN]


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